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Akshar advertising solutions based in Mumbai is a company which undertakes & performs every aspect of advertising field and event management with a client base scattered across India. Akshar advertising solutions follows a mission statement of providing A to Z marketing services to small, medium and large businesses, institutions and individual clients.

We expertise in "Outdoor Marketing"
Outdoor Marketing is an art of trust creation and connection…
The overall ‘branding’ of a company or product is communicating with the customer quite regularly. Local market mediums plays an important role.(E.g.: Coca Cola which is the worlds most powerful brand never misses an opportunity and space to communicate with their customer, thus connecting with them every time possible) that identify the company or its products/services and separate them from the competitors.
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Our Services

  • Outdoor Display
  • Production / Fabrication
  • Indoor Signage
  • Corporate Events
  • Web Casting
  • Virtual Events
  • Local Promotions
  • Contest
  • Print & Packaging
  • Gifts
  • and more...
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